How To Maintain Your Orchids

Orchid Plant Care

If you’ve recently bought or received orchids, congratulations! These flowers bring such beauty with them wherever they go. That said, you may have heard their reputation for being difficult houseplants. Not to worry—if you want to maintain your orchids, just follow the advice below and you might be surprised by how easy it is.

How to Maintain your Orchids with Proper Lighting

The best type of light for orchids is in the brightest possible indirect light. Many people wonder what exactly is indirect light. Ever walk into a room that’s so bright you almost need sunglasses? This is orchid heaven. There isn’t direct sunlight, but the reflected light filtering through windows or from overhead office lighting is great for orchid health and will prolong the plant’s bloom cycle.

Direct sunlight on an orchid plant’s leaves will burn them, and the heat can literally cook the plant.

Keep your arrangement where it will receive the brightest possible indirect light for as long as possible each day. Most orchid plants bloom for 6 – 8 weeks.

How to Maintain your Orchids with Proper Watering

The orchid plants used for your arrangement have been grown in a special moss that retains water for a very long time.

The plant’s roots where it absorbs moisture, have generally been left inside the plastic moss-filled pots the orchid grower used to grow the plant. This opaque plastic pot has then been nestled inside a glass or ceramic used to create your arrangement.

In order to maintain your orchids, we recommend about a shot-glass of water, every other week, poured down next to the base of each plant. The water will then trickle down inside the plastic pot underneath the rocks or moss used to finish your arrangement and keep the orchid roots moist.

Try to avoid getting water on the leaves, as it can pool in the center and kill the plant, causing crown rot.